An Active Social Media Presence In Just 4 Steps
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your social media? Do you wish you could consistently post custom content that suits your brand? You're already wearing a lot of hats when running a business. Give one of them to me 🎩 and alleviate one of the biggest marketing tasks on your plate!
My social media marketing package includes:
✨ Custom monthly content calendars for Instagram & Facebook
✨ Scheduling content at optimal times for your business
✨ 3-4 posts a week on both Instagram & Facebook
✨ Community & influencer management
✨ Monthly Performance Reports
Interested in other social platforms? Let's chat anyway! I'm happy to customize your plan.
Step 1 Strategy
A Full List for the Upcoming Month
I will create a full text outline of the upcoming month with post ideas for each week, dates, and layout. I will also put together a full hashtag strategy that we will use moving forward (that can be updated and tweaked any time!).

Events & Researched Observances
These outlines will include any relevant monthly observances as well as (if you would like) giveaways, upcoming events, and more!

Paid Ads, Community, Influencers, and more!
If you are interested in paid ads for social media, I can assist with budgeting and setting that up with you! I will also set aside time each day to engage with your community and (if you'd like) we can set up an influencer plan!
Step 2 Captions & Visuals
A Google Doc Worth Commenting On
This is where you will be able to review the text layout in its visual form! Based on the outline & strategy we reviewed together, I will create corresponding graphics and captions.

Adding a Voice to Your Brand
Because I create plans on a monthly basis, you will have the chance to see all of the posts in one place to get an idea of what your feed will look like.
Step 3 Revisions
You Call the Shots
Sometimes we don't realize we want something until we see it all laid out in front of us. If there is anything you would like to add or subtract, this is your moment. Let's work on tweaking your captions and graphics together!
Step 4 Scheduling
Shout It from the Rooftops (at the right time)
Now that we have approved graphics, captions, and dates, the time has come for scheduling! I will layout the posts in Facebook Meta and have them sent out to Instagram & Facebook. The captions and hashtags will be tweaked based on the platform it's going out on.
If you are interested in something not listed here, let me know! I'd love to learn more about you and how we can create the perfect social media plan together.
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